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System Documentation

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Welcome to the Oikos system documentation. These pages contain a description of how Oikos operates; provided are high-level discussions of the system mechanics, as well as thorough technical specifications of the smart contract architecture and API. We hope this assists users and developers to understand the system, and to build on top of it.

Developer Resources

  • Code: Open source repositories are available @oikos-cash; the main Oikos repo is oikos-cash/oikos.
  • Smart Contracts: The latest list of deployed addresses and ABIs can be found via addresses
  • Smart Contract API: Descriptions of all Oikos smart contracts, their APIs, and a listing of deployed instances can be found here.
  • Libraries: For various methods to connect to Oikos to read the current state from, transact onto or query for historical data, look at our libraries section.


  • Oikos.Exchange: Oikos Exchange allows users to trade synths, and to buy oUSD with BNB.The source code for Oikos.Exchange can be found at oikos-cash/exchange.
  • Minter: Minter is a dApp for OKS holders to participate in the Oikos Network. Using Minter, users can mint and burn Synths, monitor their collateralisation levels, claim their staking rewards, and vest any OKS they have accrued by staking.

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