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Integration Guide

Who this guide is for

This is a guide for smart contract developers looking into integrate one or more of Oikos's contracts into their own contracts.

If instead you're looking to integrate Oikos into your dApps and scripts, please see our libraries section.


Oikos makes extensive use of the proxy pattern. This allows users and integrated systems to refer to immutable proxy addresses while the underlying functionality is passed through to the target or underlying contracts which can be updated by an owner function. This allows for fast iteration of the Synthetix ecosystem at the cost of trust in the protocol.

Decentralize All the Things

In order for Oikos to become a fully decentralized protocol, these upgradable proxy contracts need more oversight and constraint. Please read our blogpost for the path towards full decentralization and how the Proxy architecture is impacted: (see Protocol Changes)

As of this moment, the following contracts are behind proxies:

  • FeePool is behind ProxyFeePool
  • Oikos is behind both ProxySynthetix (deprecated, see notice below) and ProxyERC20
  • SynthoUSD is behind both ProxyoUSD (deprecated) and ProxyERC20oUSD
  • All remaining synths are also behind a Proxy, all of which are the newer ProxyERC20 pattern. e.g. ProxysBNB, ProxyiBTC, etc.